This web site has been compiled in order to warn people that they would not take the microchip and let it be put under their skin. The Bible says that at some point this biochip will be offered to all people. It is better to die than to receive a mark that makes a human being a robot. Therefore it is good to know already beforehand about the future development. It is also good to communicate this information further, especially to those who have not received Christ. At the same time, one should be aware that one of the most miraculous events in the entire human history is just behind the door. A remarkable number of people will disappear from the earth before the detestable mark of the beast comes. Jesus Christ will come to take his own to be with him his own, that is, the childlike, those who believe and put their trust in him who have forsaken the sinful life have confessed their sins and and received the garments of righteousness as a gift ( see Jn. 14:1-4, Acts. 1:11, 1 Cor. 15:51-52 and 1 Thess. 4:15-17).


This text is an abridged version of a 3-hour speech of Dr. Colin Sanders, D. Sc. (Tech), USA. The speech was titled The Mark of the Beast.

Dr. Colin Sanders is a scientist who has been involved in making of the microchip. After he received Christ as his saviour, he has traveled extensively all over the world, declaring: Dont take that mark! Today, this mark is ready to be delivered.

Sanders made his career in the CIA (whose pet name is "Evergreen") and the FBI, from where he was transferred into a group of scientists and engineers planning microchips of different kinds. Sanders held a major planning position in the group, consisting of 100 men and 2 women. The group was assigned a task to plan, together with the chief physicians and their assistants of a large US hospital, such a microchip that would connect the neural pathways in the broken spine of a young woman. The attempt was successful, and the woman, until that completely unable to move, was able to move her lower limbs again. They made a miracle, and for example, the Readers Digest has published a long story about it. This effort cost about 1.5 million US dollars. As a by-product of this effort, such microchips were developed that help to control the mentality of a person; in one word, ones decisions can be affected through this chip! Manipulated by the chip, one person became like a Nazi of former times, a superman bubbling over with zeal. When the stimulus was further slightly increased, everything was over. In this way, a person can be made, for a moment, like a rabietic and it can be also be discontinued suddenly. What a horrible by-product!

When a person has this chip in them, they can be located in any part of the world and by a press of a button, be activated! This chip is microscopically small; it is of the size of the tip of an ordinary syringe needle. By now, it already includes about 250,000 components. The scientists say that it still has plenty of room left; one can record more programs into it electronically, via a satellite. Implantation of the chip under the skin can be performed during an ordinary blood test!

Having created this revolutionary chip, the group became more thirsty for knowledge. To make the mark permanently working by a single fitting, it needed an integrated power source. Then the lithium battery was found. It recharges itself as the function of mere variation of temperature. When it was studied where the human being has the greatest variations in temperature, two sites where found to be above all: on the forehead at the hairline and on the back of the right hand.

Mere body temperature, which is about 98,6- 104 Fahrenheit (37 - 40 Celsius), is sufficient to realize all this in a human being; the battery does not need to be changed, ever! No army on earth could never exercise such control; now a single impulse can create a terrible army. Everything is ready!

One of the tests made was important for Sanders himself: the scientists wanted to test what kind of composition of substances is needed to put this microchip under the skin. Sanders had his own suggestion, but the doctors rejected his proposal for substance. The doctors were for lithium. Sanders asked the medical director whether the breaking of the device under the skin would be dangerous for a human. The doctor answered, You are curious, arent you? When it breaks, it causes a serious inflammation and pain; even abscesses! If this mark, for one reason or another, becomes destroyed, that person is destroyed!

Today at least 6,000 people in Sweden have taken that mark and they are being followed all the time.Their location can be displayed on a TV screen any time. The technology used is the one used by the business world to survey a clients transaction data; what has been stored in the files is accessible to all those who have or know the system rights (e.g. EDI). Sanders has attended 17 international meetings where the secret world government has held its sessions. Even Henry Kissinger has participated and gave the statement: We cannot identify and control people in this world in by any other means except this! We have to do something in favour of this issue!." Everyone who takes this mark is totally controllable by others through a change of mind. A person could not any more be themselves, but a cyber creation, resembling a robot! An impulse sent from a command center certainly transforms one into a slave; in addition, it also has the destructive feature. One has started to use these chips in, for example, childrens homes in Florida; at least 17,000 children have already been marked and they are being monitored and these are just children who dont understand a thing! They are just guinea pigs in this terrible deception. Sanders himself testifies that already newborn children are vaccinated! For the controlling purposes, the group launched 23 satellites to the sky to sound those who have taken the mark. Every 19th minute these people step onto the screen! However, this was not enough; a more efficient satellite was developed and now there are 66 of them. Now they cover the entire world. In Australia, this was tested with cows; now they cannot get lost from the farmers any more. Marks have also been implanted in delphines although thousands of kilometers away and deep in the ocean, they are near. In different parts of the world, people were surprised by strange light phenomena, resembling explosions, on the sky. Dr. Sanders says that these flashes originated when the first 23 satellites had to be destroyed by a laser beam out of the way of those 66 more efficient ones. Sanders knows exactly what he is talking about; he worked for the US Armed Forces during the Reagan era and in the very Star Wars project!

What made a change in Mr. Sanders? He was an ordinary Sunday Christian, who felt he is working for his people. One day he was diagnosed with a severe cancer; he was told he had only a short time to live. When he was going to undergo an operation to relieve pain, he was prayed for a and, as by a miracle, he got completely well a man with, practically, a death sentence! After recovery, he sold his 18- bedroom luxury flat with all its valuables (e.g. his costly paintings), all the cars of the family, except for one, which he used for traveling around talking and distributing, at the same time, the Word of God in the form of Bibles. Sanders has given speeches at least in China, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, lecturing in universities. His only message is: Dont take it! The plan of the government of this world is ready to be executed. Nothing is missing from it any more; can it still go much further? Many people have asked Sanders: What to do? All he says is Dont take it!

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