Cash card Microchip Mark of the Beast

Now we are living the times just before the arrival of the mark of the beast, claimed Gunnar Hatlevik from Norway in a seminar in 1999. The technology is ready. It is a communicating biochip, that will be implanted on the right hand or the forehead. It has been developed exactly in the way the Bible prophecies refer to. A new biochip, called. BT 952000 chip, has been developed specifically for people. It is an active mark, listening to the low-sequence frequencies from the satellites in the space. The mark is no larger than 0.7 x 7 mm and it can both receive and send data to these satellites. This microscopic mark, consisting of 250,000 components, includes, for example, a lithium battery that may last a lifetime. The reason is that the battery becomes recharged in the temperature variations of our body the same technology that is used, for example, in aircrafts.

An well-known American scientist, Colin Sanders, Doctor in Technology, has worked as a project leader in this, the parties involved included, for example, Henry Kissinger and officers from the CIA. Millions of dollars have been invested to find that particular site in the body where the chip could best be installed. It was shown that the best sites are just under the forehead and the upper side of the right hand. These results are as startling as the one which John got at Patmos from God almost 2000 years ago as a prophetic message about our time. Please read Revelations 13:16-18 and 14:9-12.

According to one piece of information, already 6,000 people in Sweden have accepted the mark in their hand as one of the tests made when striving for the cashless society. Efforts have been made even in Japan. In Revelations 8:8, John says that something that seemed like a burning mountain was thrown to the earth. According to the NASA, it is known that an asteroid crash may happen again. Several thousands of asteroids, whose diameter is over a kilometer each, are flying around in the space. The effects of a such asteroid crashing into the Earth would be disastrous. From the NASA Internet pages, one can read that once in every four hours, the Earth is in danger of colliding into an earth-breaker. In 1989 the Earth was close to a collision; it was reported largely in the radio.

The last part of Hatleviks talk contained a call for the people of God to get ready for the upheaval. Hatlevik referred to several signs in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24, that have already been fulfilled. Despite of that many are carefree, although they have not sought for God. But even this has been prophesied. People live as in Noahs days. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, building and planting. Suddenly, there was a flood and the entire world of that time was submerged. During Lots time, people lived in the same way violently and homosexually. The righteous Lot was ridiculed. But God saved him, and fire and brimstone (sulphur) rained down and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Jesus said,so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man (see Luke 17: 20-30). Seek the Lord when He can be found. The wise person answers to the call and takes the Word of God seriously. Jesus is coming! But after the uplifting, there are no extra carriages to heaven. (see Matthew 24:21-44).

Hemmets vn, No 35, August 2002

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